Adult Karate

(Kenpo Karate for ages 12+)

Kenpo Karate trains motor coordination, flexibility, strength and conditioning, and continued development of the mind and body.  Practice and develop the skills of martial combat and performance art in a healthy, supportive atmosphere.

A martial artist skilled in Kenpo Karate is capable of defending themselves from harm in the street, expressing themselves through physical form in recreation or competition, and physically skilled at coordinating every muscle in their body to their will.

Every Kenpo class affords students the opportunity to develop these skills and more.  Imagine the confidence you will earn knowing what you are capable of physically and mentally.

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You can download our enrollment application by clicking the boxes below.  Print it out, fill it in, and bring it to your first class.  It’s that easy!

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Do you have Children

Martial arts is fun for the whole family!  Ask us about our Introductory Family Discount Program, or see our pricing list above.  Plus visit our Kenpo Kids and Youth Class pages for more information.