Coach Scott (a.k.a Sihing Scott)

Scott Robson

Sihing Scott is the Assistant Instructor for Kenpo Karate.

momentum martial arts

Sihing Scott has been practicing martial arts since he was a child.  After a long break in early adulthood, he rediscovered Karate and began training at Momentum in 2010.  In his time with Momentum Martial Arts he has won several regional and provincial champion titles in Karate and Light Kickboxing.  He regularly sets a good example of a true sportsman and martial artist for our younger students, in competition, in regular training, and in life outside of martial arts training.  Sihing Scott is currently a Purple Belt in Shaolin Kenpo, but can be seen wearing the Red/Black Belt of the Senior Student during Kenpo Karate classes.

In recent months Sihing Scott has been running our Kids Kenpo Karate classes under Sifu Kris’ supervision.  He is passionate about Karate, and it shows in his dedication to teaching our young, future champion martial artists.

Sihing Scott is also an NCCP Trained Multi-Sport Coach.