Fierce Fitness Kickboxing

Fierce Fitness Kickboxing is taught by experienced Sport Kickboxers and Certified Fitness Kickboxing instructors, Joanne Horsley and Alicia Hjermenrude. Their high energy and love of this sport will keep you coming back for more – classes that is!
Why the name Fierce
Because the dictionary definition encompasses a “feeling, emotion, or action”; and it’s just so fitting:

Fierce /fi(ə)rs/ Adjective: (of a feeling, emotion, or action) Showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity. Having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness.

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Why should you come to a Fierce class?
That’s easy, it’s because:

We Have Fun:  This class is about enjoying yourself, learning or reminding yourself that sweating is a good thing, and being around people who like to push themselves!

We Get Fit:  We combine sport kickboxing drills with body weight and calisthenics exercises to give you a full body workout that will have you feeling stronger and more awesome in just a few classes!  Give us three months, and you’ll be so surprised about what your body can do – and how you feel, you’ll never want to quit!

We Are Fierce:  Maybe sparring isn’t your thing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t train like a fighter!  This class will teach you the techniques of real Kickboxing, in a fun and safe environment. Nurture your power through kickboxing conditioning drills and bag work – this is fitness kickboxing, but this is not your old Tae-bo[tm] or cardio-kickboxing class!

Get moving with Momentum today!