Get into shape, and have fun with a dynamic and interactive sport. Our Kickboxing program teaches you the drills, techniques, and exercises you need to succeed.

Our Kickboxing program is divided into two different class types, each designed to pinpoint the skills you need to work at your level.

Kickboxing Basics

Focus on teaching the techniques and drills required to learn Kickboxing.  Our Kickboxing Basics classes focus on learning the essential skills required for Light Contact, and Full Contact Kickboxing.

We teach Kickboxing under the most modern “Unified Rules of Kickboxing”, also known as Glory Kickboxing.


Is the drills and conditioning class. Each class consists of a 60 minute workout designed so you can get a good sweat on if you’re just in it for the exercise, or so you can train like a professional if your goal is to get into peak competitive shape.  Taking the techniques and drills learned in the Basics class you will put them into practice in a series of drills and exercises.  We organize these classes so you can work at your own pace, so everyone can enjoy their workout and practice their skills regardless of their goals.  This class does not include full contact sparring, but sparring can be added to your program.


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