Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate classes are available for Kids (ages 5 – 7), Youth (ages 8 – 11), and Adults (ages 12+).
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What is Kenpo?

Kenpo means fist law. It is a Japanese translation of the Chinese word, “Chuan Fa”. As with most martial arts in the modern world there is great dispute about the details of Kenpo’s history, but many sources site that Chuan Fa was brought to Japan, from China, in the 13th century CE where it was incorporated with the family art of a Japanese clan called the Yoshida clan.

Through the next seven centuries this art would evolve into a martial arts style called Kosho Kenpo, which loosely translated means Old Pine Tree Kenpo.

Kosho Kenpo was practiced in Japan until it was brought to the United States in the early 1930’s when a Yoshida clan descendant, and inheritor of Kosho Kenpo, named James (Masayoshi) Mitose began to teach Kosho Kenpo in Hawaii.

Through its introduction in Hawaii, Kenpo has branched into numerous styles and grown immensely in popularity throughout North America.  Today, most styles of Kenpo taught in North America trace their roots to Kosho Kenpo in some way.

What is Yi-Tsung Shaolin Kenpo?

Yi-Tsung Shaolin Kenpo is a martial art system developed by Dr. H.L Mayle and recognized by the 18 Postures Mind and Body Association of China, in 1990. It is the main system of martial arts taught by Momentum Martial Arts. The system is mainly comprised of techniques found in Shaolin boxing (Kung-Fu) and Shaolin Kenpo. Dr. H.L Mayle has since been succeeded by current Grand Master Vivian J. Hernandez.

Yi-Tsung Shaolin Kenpo utilizes ridged and circular, hand and foot oriented, and weapon oriented techniques in order to teach a well rounded system that allows students to become proficient in hand, foot and weapon techniques.