Momentum Kickboxing

So you’re interested in Kickboxing hey? At Momentum we have three different ways to get involved with Kickboxing:

KB Basics

    • KB Basics is the core class for Sport Kickboxing. This instructional class includes all basic aspects of Kickboxing including offensive striking, defence, counter striking, footwork, bag work, pad work, and strategy.

Fierce Fitness Kickboxing

    • Fierce classes are 60 minutes of sweat inducing fun!  These fitness based Classes include warm up, kickboxing drills,  strength training exercises, and cool down.  This class is great for those who like the idea of kickboxing, but are looking for a great workout rather than learning the full sport.

KB Fundamentals

    • KB Fundamentals classes are 60 minute, high intensity training classes. Practice the intricacies of Kickboxing with a former WKA Champion Kickboxer with technique and conditioning drills, using the skills learned in the Basics and Intermediate classes.  To attend this class members must attend at least one Basics or Intermediate class per week.

KB Sparring

    • KB Sparring classes are for those who want to do light and/or full contact sparring.  Sparring classes are only available to those who are also taking KB Basics.

Come to any class and join in that day, or be our guest and watch a class, all with no pressure and no obligation to join!


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